HSP 4×4 Roller Shutter Ute Lids

HSP Roll R Cover

The HSP ute roller cover is known as one of the most advanced roller covers for utes in Australia; with proven evidence found within our unrivalled roll top ute lid reviews, you can’t go wrong with HSP. The roll and lock ute cover is the only system that is Electric, Sportsbar compatible, Ladder rack compatible, and Roof Rack/Crossbar compatible.

Our ute roller lids have the most advanced water protection features on the market, as well as a vast array of unbeatable features, and the HSP ute roller cover prices are affordable, without compromising on quality.

Only Australian Made Roll Top

The HSP ute roller lid is the only roll top made in Australia, which is why our system is so adaptable to the needs of Australian consumers. Whether it be using the ladder rack option to carry larger workloads, our Cross-bar option to further advance camping or recreational activities, or simply retaining the vehicles visuals by keeping sport bars or sailplanes, our roller ute covers are vast in benefits.

The HSP Electric Roll R Cover is Built in Australia, to be enjoyed by people all over the country. If you’re looking for premium ute covers in Perth, Brisbane or elsewhere in the country, we’ve got you covered. We go above and beyond when it comes to after sales service, and the warranty on our units is 2 years, double any manual system on the market.

Easy To Use Remote

The easy to use remote of the retractable ute cover allows the user to open, close and pause the roll top in any position. It is a fantastic alternative to the tradition manual lock as it requires no effort to operate the unit and can be controlled from far distances. The remote also has a button to operate the built-in led light in the roll top ute covers, ensuring things run smoothly for owners.

If you’re searching for a ute with hard lid central locking, our tonneau covers can be fitted with a full central locking system, compatible with your vehicles factory remote.

HSP Roll R Cover – Dual Cab with Adapter Rack

Sports Bar Compatible

The Roll R Cover has an advance Side rail design which allows the unit to handle many additional products.

The Roll R Cover has the ability to maintain factory roll bars by having pre mapped insertion points. This unlike most roll tops on the market does not increase the height of the sport bars, giving a more aesthetic and natural look.

HSP Roll R Cover – Dual Cab with Adapter Rack

Ladder Rack Compatible

Further to this the roll top is also ladder rack compatible using the HSP Load rack system, this allows the user to have a full or half ladder rack system with an industry leading weight rating.

HSP also have the new Load Racks that bolt directly to your roller shutter for extra load carrying capabilities

HSP Roll R Cover – Dual Cab with Adapter Rack

Advanced Water Security

The HSP tonneau cover has a vast array of features to help enhance water security. Unlike most roll tops with a 2-point drainage for water, HSP uses a 4-point system to give twice the drainage power. The HSP roll top ute lids are the only system on the market with a full gutter on the side rail, to help navigate any water into the drainage points.

These two features coupled with advanced Z seals, interlocking extrusions, and compression seals make the ute roller shutter a clear winner when it comes to water security.

HSP Roll R Cover – Dual Cab with Adapter Rack

Heavy Duty Construction as Light as a Feather

The Roll R Cover by HSP is constructed of heavy-duty aluminium along with reinforced steel side rails, ensuring that the ute roller shutters are extremely sturdy yet light. Being built from these selected materials don’t add excessive weight to the back of your ute while providing tremendous security to your tub contents.


The HSP ute torno cover provides the highest level of security with electronic remote open and closing, 220 rolling security code and heavy-duty curtains make the HSP Roll R Cover the most secure roll top on the market.

HSP Roll R Cover – Dual Cab with Adapter Rack

Stress-Free Installation

We aim to make things as simple and seamless as possible for our customers across Australia, which is why the HSP Roll R Cover can be fitted by one of our professional fitters at any of our recommended fitting centres throughout the country. If you’d prefer, your HSP ute torno cover can also be sent directly to your door.

Taking just under 2 hours to fit, installing your ute roller covers at home is a safe and simple process since all HSP lockable ute lids come with simple step by step fitting instructions which highlight the camp on system (no drilling required) and simple wiring.

Order a Ute Roller Cover Today

If you’re interested in roller shutters, soft tonneau cover products, hard top lids for utes and more 4×4 accessories, HSP are your number one provider in Australia.

Our main goal is to maximise the full potential of utes across the country by creating effective and innovative solutions, rather than ‘just products’. So, if you’re looking for ute tonneau covers in Perth, Melbourne and country wide, we have a number of torno cover roll tops that will work to enhance your vehicle.

No matter what make or model, we’ve created a range of roller covers for utes to suit all. Simply contact the team of experts on 1300 441 498 for more information regarding the premium HSP range of roller covers for utes.

HSP Roll R Cover – Dual Cab with Adapter Rack