Opposite Lock Hi Lift Jack – 60″

Though the widespread availability of winches have made the Hi-Lift Jack a lesser used item these days, it’s still a piece of equipment that should be tucked away in any serious offroaders cab somewhere. Sometimes a winch out isn’t possible, or as winches contain mechanical and electrical components, failures and breakdowns are always a possibility.

Enter the Hi-Lift Jack! A simple action tool designed to lift trapped wheels out of a bog and let you fill in the trap area with something solid to get out. All good bullbars and rear bars have Hi-Lift Jack mounts for front and rear lifts, or you can use the Lift Mate accessory and raise from one of your wheels.

Another must have accessory for the Hi-Lift Jack, is a solid base plate for dispersion of pressure in loose terrain like wet dirt or sand. Base plates also keep the Jack upright and stop it sinking in soft or wet terrain.