Opposite Lock Twin Diff Breather Kit

Most 4WD drivers rely on their snorkel to ensure their engine is safe from the ingress of water, in addtion to other sensitive engine internals, there are some other critical oil filled chambers that make up your transmission components at the very point where all your power developed has to be come effective traction.

Extended Diff Breathers are designed to sit high up, out of harms way and allow the breathing process to occur in both directions. This ensures your axle housings and their important contents can face the elements without sucking in all the nasties that make up a great day in the bush.

One-way filter allows diff to breathe as it heats and cools.

Prevents water from entering the diff when crossing water hazards.

Suitable for most diffs, gearboxes and transfer cases*.

Prolongs life of axle seals and diff oil.

Keeps dust out of vital fluids.