Smart Bar Stealth Bar

The StealthBar bull bar provides unparalleled vehicle protection and a tough aesthetic, at approximately 30% less weight than a SmartBar SpartanBar. Designed using the same cutting edge polyethylene material and manufacturing process, these bars are now the only bull bar approved for use in Europe.

Airbag Compatible

We assess each vehicle’s frontal crush characteristics and factor it into the design of each airbag compatible SmartBar. This is to reduce the impact on the SRS airbag triggering systems and help keep you safe.

Recognising the innovation and extensive R&D required to achieve this, the StealthBar won the 2017 Most Innovative New Aftermarket 4WD Product at the AAAA Innovation Awards.

With such strict safety testing and stringent regulations you can rest assured that your vehicle and passengers are well protected with a StealthBar fitted.


  • The only bull bar now approved for use in Europe
  • Built to absorb an impact and bounce back into shape with many animal strikes
  • Can compress up to 85% of its width and return to 95% of its shape within minutes
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Specifically engineered for safety
  • Meets all Australian bull bar standards
  • Less tyre wear and tear and fuel consumption*
  • Increased bull bar lifespan and reduced repair bills*
  • Non-corrosive, chip and rust resistant
  • Airbag compatible
  • Easy installation as a full bull bar replacement
  • Available in winch and non-winch compatible versions
  • Compatible with a range of spotlights, UVP and recovery points
  • Properly fitted SmartBars will not affect your vehicle’s ANCAP rating