Torqit Pedal Torq.

The original throttle controller by Torqit is the Pedal Torq. The Throttle Control is a compact unit that is fixed to a driver’s dash, allowing easy access to adjust settings. The Pedal Torq increases throttle response by adjusting the signal sent to the vehicles ECU. In simple terms, the Pedal Torq eliminates throttle lag on a vehicles accelerator giving you more power, quicker.

The Pedal Torq has three driving modes, each with customized settings. The customizable settings give a driver the ability to finely tune their vehicles accelerator to suit their personal driving preferences. The technology is suitable for both diesel and petrol vehicles.

What is throttle lag? 

Most vehicles utilize a ‘drive-by-wire’ control system for the accelerator. This means that when pressure is applied to the accelerator pedal it is measured by a sensor which sends the signal to the engine, opening the throttle. The time taken to achieve this is the lag you feel when you accelerate.

Throttle Lag Fixed

The Pedal Torq sits between the sensor and the ECU, intercepting the signal to shorten and improve the response time. The Pedal Torq reduces the amount of pedal pressure required to achieve ‘wide open throttle’ allowing the driver to access the engines full potential.

Real Life Scenario 

You’re first in the que at the traffic lights and you accelerate when you see the green light but nothing happens for a second or two, this delay is what is referred to as throttle lag. A Torqit Pedal Torq Plus removes this lag, so the second you accelerate you are beginning to gain momentum.


The Pedal Torq can be fitted to both diesel and petrol vehicles with installation complete in only a few minutes. The unit utilises all factory plugs so there is no cutting or rewiring is necessary. The Pedal Torq simply connects to the existing accelerator plug.

Key Features 

  • 5 Year warranty
  • Vehicle specific software
  • Dash mount control
  • 18 settings for driver specific tuning
  • Utilises all factory plugs, no cutting or rewiring required
  • 30 Day money back guarantee